Friday, September 5, 2008

Bailey & Love's Short Practice of Surgery

Bailey & Love's Short Practice of Surgery

ISBN-10: 0412494906
ISBN-13: 978-0412494901

Book Info
(Arnold) Middlesex Hospital, London, UK. Presents all branches of surgery and emphasizes proven and evidence-based principles and effective clinical examination. Includes color and halftone illustrations, summary boxes, key learning points, biographical footnotes, historical vignettes, and more.

‘...The fundamental principle of Bailey and Love has always been the emphasis on clinical observation and the detection of clinical signs. This edition is no exception and the addition of some excellent clinical colour photographs significantly enhances the descriptions in the text. The primary importance of clinical diagnosis has been supplemented by new chapters on imaging, reflecting the major advances in radiological techniques, and on microbiological methods in surgical practice...’

Download With images well above 250-300 MB

password of rar: Medistu

Download short edition 11MB i think its w/o photos

2MB text edition pdb format for palm reader

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